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To my followers, my friends….

I normally don’t talk about my personal life here but I feel you guys have the right to know this. I will have much difficulty posting often. I hope to get at least one ask done this week though, but I wont be participating in the Halloween ask blog event.

Why? Because I caught my own father stealing from me. He would open my mail and take whatever money is inside. I immediately address the situation by taking his only copy of the mailbox key. He didn’t take it well and proceed to yell and threaten me as well as taking all my means of communications and complain to my mother who lives in another state. Of course my mom totally sides with me and will do what she can to send me support.
I can still draw or post ask but it will be whenever I pass by my local library because of my dads foolery and how he felt it was ok to open my mail and steal my cash.

I’m telling you all this cuz I consider you all my friends and have the right to know why I hardly post or go on hiatuses from time to time. I constantly have to deal with abuse from my father.

I found a leaf green game under my bed. Its odd I never own this version. I did have fire red before but lost it. Oh well time for some old school gen 3 fun.

Ray: oh its you again….

Ray: oh its you again….


Allie: hey guys! guess what holiday’s coming up?

Summer: yay! Halloween!

Courtney: let’s do something special this time around, how about we decorate the guild to make it the ultimate Halloween hangout?

Allie: yeah! and it could be a costume party!

((OOC: hey guys! since everyone creates…

Hi Ray-mod here,

I’m not very good at this but I like to thank everyone who stick by and supported me/follow my blog/send ask/reblog my stuff/chat with me. I feel terrible going into hiatus without saying anything. I was and still currently preoccupied with so many things in my personal life, so to let you guys know: I will never forget you guys. This blog isn’t dead, the mod is just really busy at sporatic times and may post really slow at times. I hope you all can understand and next time: I will make a text post when I haitus again.

Currently I have free time to draw asks if you want to interact and I will do my best to interact with the community more.

Mega Rayquaza, Shiny version!

Mega Rayquaza, Shiny version!

Mega Rayquaza!

Mega Rayquaza!

(Appologies for my frequent unannounced hiatus. I will be a bit more active when we get closer to r/s remake launch.)

In a effort to keep OOC Post and ramblings off my askblogs, I will be keeping most unrelated post in my personal blog. I will occassionally post art or wips of stuff I’m working on on there as well as reblog some things mostly for references. Additionally you may ask me anything not exactly pertaining to either of my askblogs on there.